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Build your own ‘Home on the Water’ Today

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Live Aboard Catamarans Specialize in the Design, Building & Manufacturing of
Quality Catamaran Hulls and Luxurious Catamaran Parts
for Direct Sales to the DO IT YOURSELF HANDY PERSON.

You can build your Own
‘Home on the Water’
in your own back yard with our Catamaran Kits.

We supply 32 ft, 40 ft and 46 ft size Professionally Built Hulls
as well as complete Hull and Deck Kits ready for Fit Out
Also available are beautifully crafted individual
Fibreglass Molded Fittings & Components for your Interior

Our staff offers quality and reliable
Catamaran Hulls and Luxurious Catamaran Parts you can count on.

Whether you would like to build a Beautiful World Cruising Sailing Catamaran,
The Perfect World Cruising Power Catamaran or
even a Luxurious Power/Sail House Boat Catamaran
We have what you need at prices you can afford.

At Live Aboard Catamarans, our goal is to provide you with
Courteous, Expedient and Professional service of the Highest Caliber.

Build your own
‘Home on the Water’

More and more people around the world are finding it harder and harder to
‘own your own home’ these days, and so a lot of people
are now moving into other areas for long term accommodation.

Such as Live Aboard Boat Ownership and Mobile Home Ownership.
Today you can build your Own ‘Home on the Water’ at starting prices for a completely finished Catamaran for much less than $50,000,
and this will also enable you
to take your home anywhere you choose to travel.

This also has the added benefit that Holidays become easier to have
as there are less expenses for accommodation,
and your ‘Very Own Home Comforts’ Travel With You.

Having your own ‘Home on the Water’ means you are less likely to be
affected by bad weather such as floods, while at the same time
being able to move out of the way of an upcoming storm.

(This is something you cannot do if you own a house, because a house always remains stuck in one place and has to take the brunt of a storm.)

The many benefits of ‘Home on the Water’ Ownership
are becoming more appealing in today’s world
because of Eight Major Reasons...

  1. The Lifestyle of Living on the Water is a Stress Free Environment as most other ‘Home on the Water’ Owners are always in a ‘Happy On Holiday’ Mode. And as they say...
  2. Happiness Breeds Happiness
  3. The Technology of Materials available today make building easy for the
    home handy person
  4. Those Readily Available Materials also come at a Very Affordable Price
  5. Normal Land Based Homes are Financially out of Reach for Most People
  6. Living on the Water is one of the most Enjoyable Experiences Available Today
  7. With more than 60% of the Planet under water, having the Ocean as your very own Back Yard opens up unlimited opportunities to Live Life to the Fullest
  8. And most of all; Owning & Living on a boat is Lots of Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Your Dream Becomes Our Dream

At Live Aboard Catamarans we are here to help you get started on
Owning Your Own ‘Home on the Water’, whether its ...

    • The Perfect World Cruising Power Catamaran
    • A Beautiful World Cruising Sailing Catamaran
    • A Luxurious Ocean Sail/Motor House Boat Catamaran

Browse our Web Site for more information about
Live Aboard Catamarans and how we can help you start building your
Dream ‘Home on the Water’ Today

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a
Live Aboard Catamarans representative regarding our Catamaran Kits,
Catamaran Hulls and other Products, please e-mail us at

At Live Aboard Catamarans the customer always comes first.

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V1270 Freedom Sailing Photo 2-T
V1270 Freedom Sailing Photo 5-T
V1270 Freedom Master Cabin with Diagonal Bed-T
V1270 Freedom  Port Head & Shower-T
V1270 Freedom Galley-T
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